Open Call: Writing Submissions

Upekkha Branding
A prototype of what the Upekkha Journal might look like. The typeface and photo are tentative. Use of the Neue and Neue Display font, via The New School, and the stock photo, may be off limits or require licensing.

I’m curious to try something new. I want to try and turn Upekkha Journal into a digital publication. To do that, I need writing submissions.

Upekkha Journal, as a digital publication, would be the Theravada Buddhist equivalent of Lion’s Roar or Tricycle. It would be nonprofit in nature.

Now, while I say Theravada Buddhist in nature I cannot stress enough that this will NOT be a sectarian magazine. I have the utmost respect, goodwill, and appreciation for Mahayana Buddhism. I find the Vimalakirti Sutra, The Way of the Bodhisattva, and the Diamond Sutra beautiful and inspirational expressions of the Dhamma. The Tibetan practice of equalizing self and other, and exchanging self and other, is central to my own practice. The Zen Buddhist tradition’s equality of monks and nuns, and integration of lay life and monastic life, is incredibly progressive and praiseworthy. At the same time, Theravada Buddhism is far from perfect. We need only look to Burma’s genocide against the Rohingya, and Sri Lankan mistreatment of Tamils, to see what people have done in its so called name.

By Theravada in nature, I simply mean that we stick with the Pali Canon and the primary sources we have. Upekkha Journal would also apply lessons from the Pali Canon to current events, and find ways that current events can fuel our practice.

Here are the guidelines for submission.

  • Articles must discuss Theravadan Buddhism, meditation, suttas and Pali commentaries, interviews with teachers and monks, issues affecting Theravadan Buddhists, Theravadan perspectives on current events, intrafaith dialogue between Theravadans and the wider Buddhist community (i.e. Mahayana, Vajrayana, Zen), or interfaith dialogue between Theravadans and other religions.
  • Articles must NOT encourage violence or discrimination against anyone, (i.e. Burmese genocide of Rohingya, Sri Lankan violence against Tamils & non-Buddhists, &c.)
  • Articles should be proofread, I will do my best to make edits where possible, but if it’s wirtetn leik d1s, I’m sorry, but no.

Submittals can be sent to, as an attachment, a Google Doc, or in the body of the email. I cannot accept .doc or .docx files.


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