Dhamma Book of the Week #2

This week, I’m going to recommend The Jhanas by Ajahm Brahm. It is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn about these subtle states of meditative absorption that, in most Theravadan circles, are understood as being practically prerequisites for enlightenment.

Like all good Dhamma, it’s free. You can read it here.

Excerpt from The Jhanas

So far I have discovered the Jhanas from a historical and theoretical point of view. Now it is time to explain the Jhanas in terms of their practice. It is best to begin the description of the journey into Jhana from the starting point of the “beautiful breath.” Before this stage is accomplished, the mind has insufficient contentment, awareness and stability to launch itself into the higher states of consciousness. But when one is able to maintain an effortless awareness on the breath without break for a long period of time, when the mind has settled into such a rich awareness that the breath appears delightful. Then one is ready to set off on the journey into jhana.

— Ajahn Brahm


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